We respect your desire to communicate with millions of people —or even billions. We invite your knowledge and your stories. Please follow our guidelines so that we can evaluate your work properly.

The Rudy Agency helps authors both publish and promote their books. That takes time, so we have a small client base. We expect that authors who want to work with us will aim for commercial success as well as editorial excellence.


Founded by Maryann Karinch, the author of 31 commercially published books since 1994, The Rudy Agency represents both fiction and non-fiction. Please pay attention to the genres of primary interest:
Adventure, Crime, Historical, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Biography/Memoir, Business/Career Development, Cooking, Culture/Values, Current Events/History/Politics, Health/Medicine/Lifestyle, Science/Technology, Relationship Advice, Sports, Self-Help/Performance Improvement, Women’s Issues
Please query before sending a complete proposal or manuscript. Send queries to
Maryann Karinch at mak@rudyagency.com
Hilary Claggett at claggett@rudyagency.com
Geoffrey Stone at gstone@rudyagency.com
Lauren Manoy at Laurenm@rudyagency.com

Please be sure to send your proposal to only one agent. It is a waste of your time and ours if one agent is working on a project without being aware that it’s already been considered by someone else.

Maryann wants to see non-fiction projects from authors who are experts in their field, and that could be any field—business, investigative journalism, sports, history, health and medicine. Genre fiction is preferred; note the categories of interest above. Grab her with your storytelling on the first page.
Hilary’s academic background is in politics, international affairs, and national security. She also has a wealth of experience with books in current events and social issues; popular culture; business, economics, and finance; energy and environment; science and technology; and journalism. No fiction.
Geoff is looking for proposals and manuscripts on history, sports, cooking, personal stories, and Christian living, and is open to a wide range of non-fiction and fiction that align with those interests.
Lauren has a passion for nonfiction that is informed by her editorial experience in scholarly and trade publishing. She is interested in representing diverse, authentic voices and research-based books that explore creativity, green lifestyle and sustainable living, regional and ethnic cooking (especially combined with memoir), women in business, personal success, and entrepreneurship.


“From selling a book that no American publisher could see the potential in, to standing with me at the largest—and riskiest—press conference in recent Taiwanese history, Maryann Karinch is the answer to a writer’s prayer.”Ethan Gutmann, Author, The Slaughter

Maryann is knowledgeable, supportive, and kind—I feel lucky to have her by my side.”Katharine Manning, Author, Workplace Safe Havens

Candid and authentic, Maryann Karinch is a person of impeccable integrity who truly cares for her clients. She provides insight and expertise of the highest value, and is a trusted advisor who always focuses on my best interest. Maryann is absolutely wonderful to work with.”Edgar Papke, Author, True Alignment and The Elephant in the Boardroom

“I’m eternally grateful to my mentor and agent Maryann Karinch who made this dream of becoming a published author a reality. Had it not been for her, I’d still be stranded in oblivion like those countless individuals hoping, waiting and praying to become published authors. Despite her many commitments, she always advised me, counseled me and even took time to reply to my ridiculous e-mails. Not only did she guide me through the writing of the manuscript and proposal, but continuously encouraged and inspired me. “You can do this, I know you can,” she told me when I was faltering. After that bit of encouragement, I knew I was well on my way and nothing was going to stop me.”Philip F. DiMeo, Author, Binoculars: Masquerading as a Sighted Person