1. Email a succinct query letter telling us about your book, who will read it, and why you are the best person to write it. Send the query to Maryann Karinch (mak@RudyAgency.com) or Hilary Claggett (claggett@RudyAgency.com). Please do not send to both.

2. If we are interested in your non-fiction book, we will invite a complete proposal—Overview,Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Promotion Plan, Author Bio, Table of Contents, Chapter-by-Chapter Synopsis, and 20-30 consecutive pages of your manuscript. We strongly recommend that you get a copy of GamePlan for Getting Published, a $9.95 download on Amazon.com, if you have never done a proposal.

Even if your manuscript is finished, a proposal is required for every work of non-fiction. The only exception is if you are really, really famous.


1. Email your query to Maryann Karinch (mak@rudyagency.com). It should contain a short synopsis of the book and a few lines about you, the author.

2. If Maryann is interested in your novel, she will let you know what you should send as a follow up. Be prepared to deliver, upon request: a 2-3 page synopsis, an author bio, and the complete manuscript. Note well: Acquisitions editors often invite just the first 50 pages after indicating initial interest, so make them amazing!


Regardless of the availability of your non-fiction book, we will need to see a proposal. You also should not consider your book “finished.” Commercial publishing involves an editorial process, which can include selecting a new title, restructuring your book, and other significant changes. If you are unwilling to commit to such a process, please do not attempt to forge a deal with a commercial publisher. As a final note, you will be asked to provide evidence of sales to-date for any self-published work. Thank you for your understanding!


Your talent is only a little piece of the deal. Once you have a deal, you will be expected to work aggressively to help promote your book, not only to earn whatever advance you get, but also to make your project profitable. Your book has to have a sizable audience willing to spend money on what you wrote and you have to know how to reach that audience.

The simple message is this: Publishing is a business and there is no shame in it becoming a business. If you want to be part of it, then you are a good fit for this agency. We will be your very active partner in making your book a financial success.


Before you query, keep in mind that these criteria—all of them—must be met unless you are famous. (If you’re famous, we’ve heard of you and so has People magazine.)

  • The project must have a strong narrative arc, that is, not just a series of episodes unified only by the fact that they all happened to you.
  • You must have a program to drive sales that reflects the fact that you have already laid the foundation for such an effort. The kind of foundation we’re talking about involves your networks (people and organizations); outreach to an interested community through blogging, articles, and so on; and a web presence (e.g., website or Facebook page)
  • Your work has a length that is reasonable for a commercial book. Try to keep it between 55,000 and 80,000 words.